Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Locally Crafted...and Loved By All

At Hoot + Louise we love our Memphis crafters!  We would like to share with you some pics and info about our local awesomeness!

Pictured above: Thigh High Jeans, Hoot + Louise logo tee made by Sache, HomeGrown (Baby) onesie
The Claw Foot Tub Sun God Soak.  Lavender and Chamomile.  Lauren Parks has made this soak all natural/vegan using pure essential oils.

The Claw Foot Tub Pretty Skin Scrub.  Cleansing and Calming.  All Natural.  Vegan. Pure essential oils.

Hoot + Louise logo tees designed and made locally by Sache, which is located on South Main, right next to Hoot + Louise.

Thigh High Jeans, established in 2009, are made in Memphis by artists Ann Smithwick and Kerry Peeples.  Every pair is made from donated, recycled jeans.  They have a variety of sizes and brands, and each pair is completely unique.  And the best part - 50% of their profit is donated to a selected charity, either local, national, or global, chosen by the customer.

Vintage Collection earrings by Emmye Walker.  Emmye makes these adorable up-cycled earrings from vintage estate jewelry.

HomeGrown (Baby) is designed by Laura Barrett.  Laura makes the most adorable applique onesies and apron dresses!  A variety of patterns are available - some of our favorites here at H+L are the carrot, tomato, owl, and bird appliques.

Jewelry made by Art & Architecture by Pesce...Key Necklaces on deer skin chains, Jute Bracelets, Bullet and Copper necklaces on deer skin, chain link, or cable, and Scrabble piece earrings

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