Monday, April 23, 2012

I mugs

As I was having my morning coffee, I started thinking about the coffee mugs I have collected over the years.  Thanks to Granny (AKA Hoot or Louise), my collection-building, has been easy!  As I was pulling out my favorite mugs to take pictures I realized most of them have been given to me by her.  I think I take a "new" one from her house every time I go home to Mississippi.  Ben (hubby) and I also have started a collection together.  I don't think we have gone anywhere without getting a coffee cup memento (sometimes 2 if we can't agree on just 1!).  In a way, I can thank Granny for that super idea since that's what she and Granddaddy used to do too!  I wish I had taken pictures of her coffee cup cabinet when I was home last!  She has some really amazing ones.

Here are just a few of the mugs that mean something to me - btw I don't have a single mug in my cabinet that doesn't have a meaning!

I stand here in front of this cabinet every single morning trying to decide which coffee cup I want to drink from, and I usually end up picking the one that A) I haven't drank out of in a while and B) is most complimentary to my outfit.  Seriously. 

This 70s/80s coffee cup was given to Ben by my Granny.  It was my Granddaddy's.  Ben got this most special coffee cup from Granny the day we cleaned their shop out when Granny retired...

...and this is the cup I got that same day.

We love Memphis, so I think we have a coffee mug from all of our favorite spots around the city.  

I got this Soft Batch cup for Ben from an antique store in MS when we were in college - he ate those cookies A LOT!  And this really awesome McD's cup is the most recent one I have looted from Granny's.  She and my Granddaddy each had one!  He passed away in 1985, so that tells me McDonald's had some great cups in the early 80s!

Vintage Fire King mugs I have picked up along the way.

This is a Square Books coffee cup.  I love the quote by Flannery O'Connor.

Again, more mugs given to me by Granny.  

Here are some from our travels.

I love coffee drinking accessories as well.  The cow creamer was made in Occupied Japan.  I had to pay a pretty penny for him, but just look at how cute he is!  He makes me smile every morning I go to grab my sugar spoon.

You may be seeing more of these type posts.  I have many more collections that I didn't even realize had become just that - a collection.

What do you like to collect?

Have a great day and a great week!


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  1. I'm slightly obsessed with birds. And, when I say slightly I mean that they are perched all over my apartment and my office at work.

    It's been a while since I've been in to H + L, but I plan on coming back soon. Everyone loved the dress I bought there this January (so retro).